Peter Boyle

Our Promise

Peter Boyle & Co Solicitors have a proven track record of providing corporate legal advice and representation for all areas commercial law in both Ireland and internationally. We advise all sizes of commercial organisations and institutions and are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and legal support.

Commitment to quality

Our legal credentials are second to none. We believe in winning and strive to ensure that our clients achieve the same. We have established our reputation as a premium legal advisor to business as well as our many private clients. Our legal team is continuously updating their commercial legal knowledge and keeping abreast of current legal cases and judgments.


Commitment to service

We treat our valued clients as if they are the only client on our books. No matter how large or challenging your case is, we will endeavour to remove as much stress and hassle from the process. We are always available to provide updates on cases and answer questions when required. We find it easier for everyone involved if we work to create a trusting relationship that nurtures long term contact to assist with any future legal challenges. On those occasions, when a case has a delicate nature, we deal with it in cotton gloves and always have time to talk.


Commitment to value

Like all areas of life, you get what you pay for in the legal world. But the most critical element of the transaction is that you get the return on your investment. Our costs are transparent from our first private meeting or assessment to the most significant and most challenging cases that go to the High Court. It is our goal to attain the result you require from your legal case most efficiently and cost-effectively and to explore all options that could provide a positive outcome without having to go to court at all. We will work with you to reduce financial pressure giving you peace of mind both financially and in the success of your legal challenge.

Your Next Step

If you feel you have a case or require our legal services and would like to proceed, the next step is to organise a legal consultation. If you are unsure and would like us to assess your possible case, then please complete our assessment form and include supporting documentation.

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