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Corporate Insolvency

Corporate Insolvency requires the input of a legal expert.

At Peter Boyle & Co. Solicitors, we assist and advise directors and shareholders of a company to navigate in this challenging time. We also act on behalf of creditors and other stakeholders across a range of scenarios, including voluntary and involuntary liquidations.

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Liquidation Solicitor for Irish Law

We work with insolvency practitioners and other stakeholders in liquidations, winding ups, examinership, and receiverships.

Every corporate insolvency situation is different. We understand this, which is why we provide bespoke legal advice tailored to your personal and company circumstances.

Each party has various rights, duties, and obligations to meet. We will explain this process in detail, ensuring you do not fall foul of the rules. We will then guide you through the insolvency, working to protect your interests.


How can we help?

When it comes to corporate insolvency and liquidation, your requirements and obligations will depend on your role, the duties of that role according to the Companies Acts, and the financial position of the company. We will recommend the appropriate course of action for you and your company.

We advise on all issues relating to corporate insolvency and liquidation, including:

  • Company law obligations
  • Debtors’ options and recommendations
  • Company voluntary arrangements
  • Statement of Affairs
  • Creditors’ meetings
  • Committees of Inspection
  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidations (CVLs)
  • Members Voluntary Liquidations (MVLs)
  • Revenue appointed liquidators
  • Employee Claims
  • Dealing with the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE)

Insolvency litigation

We provide advice, direction, and representation for both non-contentious and contentious insolvency. Where litigation does arise, we act for various parties in court applications, legal actions, and court orders.
Our corporate insolvency legal team can assist you with the following legal actions:

  • Appointments of provisional liquidators, interim examiners, and receivers
  • Petitions to wind up insolvent companies
  • Injunctions and freezing orders
  • Restriction and disqualification of directors
  • Reckless and fraudulent trading applications
  • Liquidators, examiners and receivers fee applications

Our legal experience in corporate insolvency and liquidation proceedings ensures we deliver the best results for all concerned. We have assisted many large and small companies successfully and would be happy to discuss your challenges in this area.

Where appropriate, we can work with our extensive network of corporate insolvency professionals, such as liquidators, examiners, receivers, estate agents, asset managers, accountants, tax advisors, and barristers. Together, as your legal team, we will achieve a positive outcome for you.

High Court appoints inspector to investigate Christmas tree firm

As you may have seen in the news, the application by Peter Boyle & Co. Solicitors to appoint an Inspector to WFS Forestry was successful.

This is the first ever successful application by a creditor to appoint a High Court Inspector to an Irish company under section 747 of the Companies Act and we are delighted and proud to have been involved in the development of the law in this area.


What our clients say

I found Mr Boyle to be incredibly professional and thorough in all my dealings with him. Not being used to the legal process at all, he achieved the result I had hoped for and I couldn't have asked for more effective representation. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Michael Doyle August 3, 2022

Peter and his team have represented me in my capacity as a liquidator of various companies for more than 10 years. I am continuously grateful for their depth of knowledge and experience in fraud and company law matters as well as their willingness to take innovative approaches to novel problems. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Declan de Lacy June 13, 2023


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Quick and easy confidential case assessment

Complete this 2-minute form and our legal team will assess your case and contact you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday)

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