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Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

More often than not, corporate law is carried out in the High Court. It is our goal to reduce the chances of expensive court cases that also take up your valuable time, and in some cases, your brand’s good name. We provide legal advice and representation for all forms of shareholder disputes and have an impressive track record of assisting in mediation and negotiation that may resolve your shareholder dispute case settling out of court. If, however, your case does go to court, we will advise and represent you to achieve the result you require.

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Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes can be highly damaging, both for the business and the individuals involved. That is why it is better to resolve any internal conflict straightaway. There are ways to settle the matter outside of court, limiting legal costs and maintaining the organisation’s reputation. However, if a resolution is not possible, litigation through the courts is the next step.

Our expert Legal Team acts on behalf of both shareholders and directors. Whatever side of the argument you are on, we can help you reach a resolution that meets the needs of both you and the Company. We are dedicated to achieving an amicable settlement through negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. If litigation is required, we provide robust representation, fighting to get the outcome you desire.

Shareholder Disputes we can assist you with include:

  • Disputes between shareholders and the company/director
  • Disputes between shareholders
  • Minority shareholder disputes
  • Disputes about non-compliance with Shareholder Agreements/the Company’s Constitution


Disputes between shareholders

Disputes may also occur between the shareholders themselves. This can happen in companies of any size. In small, family-run businesses, personal relationships can add fuel to the fire. Even in large organisations, minority shareholders may feel disregarded. Or there could be concerns about how a particular shareholder is acting.

For example, it could be that a shareholder is:

  • Not acting openly and honestly
  • Withholding financial information
  • Freezing out minority shareholders

Minority shareholder disputes

Issues surrounding minority shareholders are especially prevalent. There may be a ‘freezeout’, whereby majority shareholders withhold important information from minority shareholders. Or, there could be a ‘squeeze out’, whereby majority shareholders try to force minority shareholders to sell their interest at an unreasonable price.

The Companies Act provides protection for minority shareholders. If you are being oppressed as a minority shareholder, or your interests and rights are being disregarded, there are remedies available. We can help you make a claim for oppression and/or unfair prejudice, obtaining compensation on your behalf.


Partnership Dispute

A partnership dispute is very similar in the eyes of the law, but some of the differences are very important to understand. If you are in business with a business Partner or Partners, and you do not set up a company, the law will presume that you are a partnership. As a Partnership, you do not have a legal identity as a limited company would have. You are responsible personally, and therefore you must receive solid legal advice at the earliest stage of any partnership dispute. In some cases, the dispute can be more complicated because there is no Partnership Agreement in place.

Typical issues that become Partnership Disputes include:

  • Company ownership
  • Remuneration
  • Company voting Rights
  • Financial Rights
  • Liability
  • Dissolution of the business or Partnership
  • Termination of the business or Partnership

Your Partnership must develop a detailed Partnership Agreement at the earliest possible stage of your business set up. If you do not have a Partnership Agreement, one should be put into place before you have a potential dispute. We can assist you with the development of a Partnership Agreement that will ensure any future differences are resolved with minimum cost and stress.


Specialist Shareholder dispute Solicitor

Whether you are a shareholder or the director of a company, we will advise and assist you to resolve your shareholder dispute. We will develop a legal strategy to ensure your unique set of circumstances and challenges are addressed.

If alternative dispute resolution is not possible or fails, we will represent you for your court proceedings. Shareholder disputes can be stressful, time-consuming and costly, but we work hard to achieve the desired outcome, limiting any adverse consequences you or your business may suffer.


What our clients say

Michael and I would like to thank everyone at Peter Boyle Solicitors for their excellent work, professionalism, kindness and understanding especially on those occasions when we must have asked what could have been construed as pretty ‘silly’ questions. At a time when things were very stressful and anxious, we always felt that however busy Peter and his team were, we were always lent a sympathetic ear which was very much appreciated. We would like to thank Peter for all his efforts during the negotiations, for instructing the right barrister and accountant at the right time which allowed for the most favourable outcome from our case. We are so glad we came to an expert in his field of company law. We are forever grateful that you managed to negotiate an improved settlement for us, rather than just advising us to accept the initial offer. You were always thorough, fair and transparent in fighting our case and establishing justice for which we always be grateful. We hoped for total support when we instructed Peter Boyle Solicitors, we got so much more! We would undoubtedly and highly recommend Peter and his team and would definitely use them again. Many thanks again for everything!

Michael and Edele Finn August 3, 2022

It's not often one experiences truly impressive professional and diligent service that is except in the case of Boyle & Co. Solicitors. This Firm are absolutely amazing with client attention we have never experienced before. This client-centric philosophy coupled with a deep and genuine passion for their clients goals puts Peter & his team streets ahead of any other Firm in my opinion, not to mention that they know their stuff inside out! We could not be more grateful to Peter and his team for the brilliant (and successful) work they did for us, making a very daunting and stressful experience completely tolerable and even at times, pleasurable. It was way beyond our expectations and thank you so much Peter for your dedication. Simply Amazing. If you are looking for a legal Firm who will fight to the death for you and your interests then look no further, you've found them in Boyle & Co.

Graham Owens August 3, 2022


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